Not all of our fish stories are lies.  Here is some proof of our big bass and the fun we have fishing!!!
Scott Smith, 10+ lbsJames Miller, Delta, 9.5 lbs, FrogFloyd Koelling, ClearlakeCurt Beckwith, Delta, 8.53 lbs, DropshotArt Miller, Clearlake, 8+ lbs, SpinnerbaitBob Onate, Clearlake, 5.19 lbs, DropshotCurt Beckwith and Scott Smith, Delta, Rattle trapJames Miller, Clearlake, 7.58 lbs, SpinnerbaitBill Talley, ClearlakeScott Smith, Berryessa, 5 lbs, Football jigRyan German, Delta, 5.31 lbs